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Manage waivers and other documents
Manage waivers and other documents

Rental businesses often require customers to sign waivers and other documents. Get unlimited documents and signatures with Fullup.

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In the rental industry, managing documents such as damage waivers, liability waivers, and rental agreements is essential for both legal compliance and customer convenience.

Fullup offers a robust solution for creating, managing, and obtaining signatures on these critical documents, all within a seamless and cost-effective platform. This article guides you through creating and managing documents in Fullup, ensuring your rental business operates smoothly and professionally.

Unlimited Document Creation and Signatures

Fullup stands out by allowing unlimited documents and signatures without the steep costs associated with platforms like DocuSign. This feature is particularly beneficial for rental businesses that require various documents for different rental items or services.

Tailoring Documents to Specific Rental Items

  • Assign Documents to Specific Products: Fullup’s flexibility lets you assign specific documents to certain rental items. For example, if your business rents out bounce houses along with tables and chairs, you can create a bounce house rental agreement and link it exclusively to your bounce houses.

  • Selective Requirement: This ensures that only relevant rental items will prompt customers for the necessary documents, streamlining the rental process and enhancing customer experience.

Creating a Document in Fullup

  • Log into Your Admin Account: Start by signing into your Fullup admin account.

  • Navigate to Document Management: In your site's settings, select the option to add a new document within the Fullup platform.

  • Customize Your Document: Enter a name for your document, and add the required content. This could include terms required by insurance companies or local regulations. Fullup offers rich text features to create documents that are both informative and visually appealing.

  • Specify Required Information: Decide what information you require from renters, such as first name, last name, email, address, and phone number. Fullup allows you to mark these fields as required, ensuring all necessary information is collected for a smooth rental transaction.

Testing and Saving Your Document

  • Preview and Test: Before finalizing your document, Fullup provides the option to test and preview it, ensuring everything appears as intended and functions correctly.

  • Signature and Agreement Process: At checkout, customers will see your document and be required to fill in the information and sign it electronically. Fullup ensures that if multiple products require the same document, the customer needs to sign only once, simplifying the process for both you and your customers.

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