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Manage business locations
Manage business locations

Whether your rental business has one location or hundreds spread across the world, Fullup supports your rentals seamlessly.

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For rental businesses operating across multiple locations, efficiently managing these various locales is key to providing seamless service to your customers.

Fullup's platform is designed to handle the intricacies of multi-location management, whether your business spans cities, countries, or continents. This guide walks you through the process of adding, editing, and customizing business locations on Fullup, ensuring your rental business offers an optimized experience for each region it serves.

Adding and Editing Locations on Fullup

  • Accessing Locations: Start by navigating to your account on the Fullup platform. Click on the user icon at the top right and select "Locations" from the store section on the left.

  • Overview of Locations: Fullup supports an unlimited number of business locations. You can add as many locations as your rental business requires.

Creating a New Location

  • Adding a Location: Click on "Add a location" to create a new business locale. For businesses with extensive operations, Fullup effortlessly handles hundreds of locations worldwide, enabling global scalability.

    • Customization Options: Each location can be tailored to reflect specific operational details, such as:

    • Location Name: Choose a name or ID recognizable to you and your customers.

    • Active Status: Determine if the location is active and available for customer rentals.

    • Hours of Operation: Set operation hours for weekdays, weekends, or individual days.

    • Rental Periods: Define how products are rented (e.g., by day, week, or month).

    • Currency and Pricing: Assign local currencies and set product prices per location, utilizing real-time foreign exchange rates.

Setting Locale and Delivery Options

  • Locale Settings: The locale affects how information (like currency symbols and decimal separators) is displayed to customers, ensuring consistency with local conventions.

  • Delivery Management: In addition to customer pickup support, Fullup allows you to define delivery areas on a map, providing flexibility in creating delivery zones that account for geography and logistics. This feature enables precise determination of delivery charges and free delivery zones.

Simplifying Customer Interaction

  • Location Selection: Fullup initially selects the nearest business location for customers but allows them to change this setting easily. This ensures that customers view products available in their chosen location, enhancing the user experience.

  • Efficient Product Display: Products not available in the selected location will not be displayed, streamlining the browsing experience for your customers.

Managing multiple business locations is a breeze with Fullup, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over how your rental business operates across different regions. Whether adjusting operational details, setting up localized pricing, or managing delivery zones, Fullup equips you with the tools necessary for efficient multi-location management.

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