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Define how your rental business rents out products
Define how your rental business rents out products

Whether your rental business rents out products by the day, week, month, or within specific time slots, Fullup has you covered.

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In the diverse world of rental businesses, defining how and when your products are rented is crucial for both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Fullup offers a versatile platform that allows you to tailor rental periods to fit the unique demands of your business, whether you're renting vacation properties, sports equipment, or any other items. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up rental periods in Fullup, ensuring your rental offerings meet your business needs and customer expectations.

Understanding Rental Periods

A rental period in Fullup dictates the duration for which customers can rent your products. It's a fundamental aspect that varies significantly depending on the type of rental business and the products offered. For example, vacation properties might be rented by the day, week, or month, while equipment like skis may be rented hourly or daily.

Setting Up Your Default Rental Period

Upon signing up for Fullup, you'll establish a default rental period which applies to your rentals initially. This default setting is crucial as it provides a foundation for your rental operations, but Fullup's flexibility allows for further customization to align with your business model.

Creating a Custom Rental Period

  • Log into Your Admin Account: Start by signing into your Fullup admin account.

  • Accessing Rental Periods: Select "Rental Periods."

  • Adding a New Period: Click to create a new rental period and name it appropriately.

Types of Rental Periods in Fullup

Fullup accommodates three primary types of rental periods, each serving different rental scenarios:

  • Date and Time Selection: Allows customers to select both start and end dates and times, ideal for precise booking needs.

  • Fixed Rental Links: Suited for items requiring a set rental duration, like one day or one hour, perfect for hotel rooms or tools.

  • Fixed Time Slot: Designed for bookings within a single day, such as party venues or sports facilities, where overnight stays are not applicable.

Customizing Your Rental Periods

  • Increment Selection: Define the time increments available for bookings, such as hourly or every 15 minutes, to match your operational hours.

  • Preparation Time: Add buffer hours needed between rentals for preparation or cleaning.

  • Blackout Dates: Set dates when your business is closed for vacations or seasonal breaks.

  • Operating Hours Restriction: Choose to limit rentals to your business's operating hours for general use cases or allow 24/7 pickups for unmanned rentals.

Fullup's rental period functionality provides the flexibility and control needed to cater to the diverse needs of rental businesses. By customizing rental periods, you can ensure your products are rented in a manner that maximizes utilization and aligns with customer expectations.

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