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Create a stunning website for your rental business
Create a stunning website for your rental business

With Fullup's website builder, creating a website for your rental business couldn't be easier. Use AI and simply drag and drop your content.

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Creating a compelling online presence for your rental business is crucial in today’s digital age.

Fullup's website builder is designed to make this process intuitive and efficient, ensuring that even those with no technical background can build stunning websites. This guide will walk you through utilizing Fullup's website builder, from editing existing pages to creating new ones and customizing content with AI integration.

Getting Started with Editing

  • Accessing Edit Mode: To edit an existing page, first sign in as an admin.

  • Pick a Page to Edit: Navigate to your website's home page or any other page you want to edit. Look for the edit button located at the bottom right of the page to access all editing functionalities.

  • Utilizing Content Blocks: Fullup’s website builder offers a variety of pre-designed content blocks. These can be easily dragged and dropped onto your page, allowing for quick customization according to your rental business needs.

Leveraging AI for Custom Content

  • Enabling AI: By clicking the "enable AI" button, Fullup highlights elements that can be automatically generated using AI, based on the business description provided during your subscription setup.

  • Generating Content: Click the "generate" button to create bespoke content for your rental business. This feature simplifies content creation, ensuring your website remains relevant and engaging.

  • Custom Prompts: If the generated content doesn’t match your current needs, you can edit the prompt to focus on specific themes, such as sales or special events, refining the content to better suit your campaign.

Editing and Styling Made Simple

  • Content Customization: Editing text and images is straightforward—simply click on an element to start editing. Styling options are readily available to enhance the visual appeal of your content.

  • Image Management: Adding new images to your media gallery is as easy as drag and drop. Select an image in a content block to change the image.

Creating New Pages

  • Starting Fresh: To create a new page, simply navigate to a new route in your address bar (e.g., and hit the edit button to start adding content blocks and customizing your new page.

  • Publishing Your Page: Once you’re satisfied with the design and content of your new page, saving your changes will instantly publish the page to your site.

Managing and Reusing Content Blocks

  • Page Management: Fullup allows you to view and manage all live pages from the Design section under your account settings, making it easy to edit, deactivate, or delete pages as needed.

  • Reusable Content Blocks: To streamline website development, content blocks can be reused across multiple pages. Editing a block updates it everywhere it appears, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Fullup's website builder is crafted to empower rental businesses to create beautiful, functional websites without the need for coding expertise. Its intuitive design, combined with AI-generated content and reusable blocks, simplifies website development, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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